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In your language it would be “star fire”. Starfire in the animated series Contents [ show ] Biography Koriand’r is a princess of an alien race known as the Tamarans. After her kingdom was overthrown, Koriand’r escaped to Earth and found herslf among the Teen Titans. Using her ability to absorb knowledge through her lips, Koriand’r kissed Dick Grayson and acquired the ability to speak English. At one point, they were engaged to be married, but their wedding was cut short when Raven went rogue and fought her fellow Titans. The two realized this was a wake-up call and that they weren’t right for each other.

Robin and Starfire – Complicated

Dating sites taiwan Robin dating starfire – Oct 17, Robin in Speedy’s outfit uses the Howie scream robin dating starfire he charges at Robin in battle. This is later army dating laws in Gorilla. Robin and she had been dating since her accident three years ago.

Robin will never dump Starfire for Raven and Raven won’t ever take away Robin from Starfire. Raven doesn’t show any romantic interest in Robin anyways. All Robin and Raven have together is a .

Her older sister, Komand’r proved unable to fly, so she was deemed not worthy to be queen and the succession fell to Koriand’r. When both sisters were sent to train with the legendary Warlords of Okaara , the bitter Komand’r ran off, allying herself with the Citadel. They used Komand’r’s information to successfully invade the planet Tamaran. King Myand’r turned Koriand’r over to the Citadel to ensure peace. Koriand’r endured six years of torture until she and Komand’r were both released for experimentation by the Psions.

Both sisters escaped, with Koriand’r finding her way to Earth with the help of the Teen Titans. She chose to remain with the team and took the name Starfire. Psions , who are largely sadistic scientists, performed a deadly experiment on both of the sisters to see just how much energy their Tamaranian bodies could absorb before exploding from the overload. During the procedure, Komand’r’s forces attacked the Psion ship to rescue her and while the Psions were distracted, Kory broke free with the starbolts, destructive blasts of solar energy, a result of the experimentation.

Against her better judgement, she decided to free Komand’r who was still absorbing energy. However, far from grateful, Komand’r struck her sister down with the same, but more intensified, power and had her restrained for later execution.

One more step

We need to talk about this more. Rose Wilson – May 30, Take these events, which in my opinion is the most plausible explanation for events on the show 1. Robin expresses a definite romantic interest in Starfire and vice-versa. However, in The End, Robin also becomes very close to Raven.

Teen Titans Robin x Starfire Credits to the artist I focused on what I would like to see BB and Raven’s dating life to be like. Still teens, maybe dating for about a year or so. (couples) Fairy tail natsu and lucy Nalu Fanfiction Fairy Tail Fanfiction Anime couples sleeping. Aww look at that baby CX Nalu, sleeping.

Does one good deed make him a hero? Am I to blame for all of it because of a single mistake? In the end, all I really know is that the answers don’t come easy. It’s supposed to be simple, but it’s not. Before that, he was trained by, and served as the sidekick to Batman. He is also Starfire ‘s main love interest and finally becomes her boyfriend in the series finale movie.

Contents [ show ] Physical Appearance Robin is usually shown in just his costume, which is consisted of green tights with black ankle-high steel-toed boots, green elbow-high gloves, a short-sleeve green t-shirt underneath a red armored vest with a yellow letter “R” inside a black circle over his left pectoral muscle, a yellow utility belt and a black cape that has a yellow interior. He always wears a black-and-white domino mask, and usually has his black hair spiked backwards.

Kiss the Girl-Robin and Starfire

Recommended by Gracie Geek I always take the opportunity to recommend her fanfiction, so I thought I’d just flat-out recommend the author herself. Her fanfiction is a goldmine if you love Robin-vs-Slade fanfiction and want to find quality Apprentice fanfiction that isn’t Sladin. She’s written several Apprentice fanfictions – including a grand total of three AU fanfics the later two, especially – “Northern Star” and “In Too Deep” – are well worth a read – and an amazing fanfic which is an expansion of the episode Haunted, as well as several comedy oneshots.

Her Slade incorporates much from Deathstroke’s comic incarnations, fleshing him out as a character whilst keeping him true to the animated Slade. If you want to see BB taking out Slade, a god, or an entire alien race and all of that in more or less legitimate ways , or saving a dying planet, then that is the writer for you.

Um, Robin? Why are you saying that to Cyborg? I realize that it’s a comment that should be said by Starfire, but in the current context, Robin is chiming in with himself, and referring to himself in the third person, and telling Cyborg that he would be delicious!

He pounched robin down to the ground! She got her powers ready. Slade- Hold her down! Slde’s men held Star to where she couldn’t fly or use her powers. Robin- Let her go!!!!!!!!!! All part of my plan! Slade finally beat Robin down til where Robin couldn’t get up. Slade- The beginning of the end for you Robin. Slade- punchered a needle into Robin’s arm! Star’s cry out help became to low to hear for him.

Teen Titans (animation)

Post by on May 28, She floated quietly toward him. He was mesmerized by the city that he failed to notice the door to the roof closing behind the two teens. Robin was sitting on the roof overlooking the city, everything was eerily quiet except for the faint sound of horn honks and other sounds coming from the city he thought “ah the city night.

The view from up here always relaxes me.

Recommended by magic If you like Starfire/Robin or BB/Raven, this author is the one you should check out. This author puts a lot of detail and emotion into her fanfics. She has two series of stories that she has put much detail into. Her first series is called e’ara universe series, which focuses.

This was done on a request to make a story out of this image http: I must say that this will be my last request for some time. The Teen Titans had just stopped Control freak from attacking another from another video store. Attacking video stores just because that don’t fill their shelves with science fiction movies,” Raven said annoyed. It’s because they cut down their selection to ake room for the dime a dozen dreams,” He said as he was being hauled off by the police.

Thank you for saving my store. In thanks feel free to take some of the videos for a bit,” said the manager. Man what a selection,” Cyborg said. After all, I’m sure that at least on of you must be of age,” the manager said. Later at the titans tower. It was late at night and Teen Titans were gathered around the big screen tv. As they watched hours and hours of porn the titans got way to into it. Beastboy had removed all of his clothes and started to jack off.

He also got out his specialty dick attempt and put it on so he could have a cock as well.

Episodes focusing on Robin and Starfire

Captivated by Princess Starfire of Tamaran reviews It was a game of pretend Tonight, it seems a new tactic has been brought into play and Starfire will win RxS Teen Titans – Rated: RobStar Teen Titans – Rated: Although Starfire, Robin, and the other Teen Titans don’t agree it this, when their lives are threatened, Starfire may not have a choice.

See now I ship Raven and Beast Boy but I also ship Raven and Robin. But I also ship Robin and StarFire. Find this Pin and more on → feeels by eden. RxR parody by on DeviantArt.

Not for little kids Here is one by Electra. As Starfire walked in she saw Robin but no Cyborg. Hehe do you remember that in part from Nevermore? XD “Oh he’s just in his room sleeping. Starfire sat next to Robin on the couch and saw the screen. Robin blushed a deep red. We are best friends.

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If you wish to, you can follow my main blog: Hope you guys like it! Light, Raven is badly hurt and loses her memory. As soon as those words were heard, the four heroes threw themselves at the monster, Plasmus, followed by their leader. Each one took their turn, attacking the enemy in synch, like they used to do all times when there was such a situation.

Jan 19,  · Watch video · Robin meets Raven at the shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, but are they really destined to be with each other? and Starfire meet at the shady No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up, and Raven has a secret to tell. Dink has gotten the Teen Titans together for Cartoon Hook-Ups, but who is this guy really?

Section heading Season 1 Note: In this series,Catwoman’s costume is changed like Anne Hathaway’s. In the end,Catwoman realizes that she and Batman are not right for each other. Their,they saw Hawkgirl’s adversaries. Can they stop them? After falling,they found themselves in Armageddon Timeline,where they must stop Monarch and Monarch’s Minions in their rampage and help the future heroes in stopping them.

Then,they must find Chronos to bring them back to New Earth their universe. Chase Meridian,and Harley Quinn are shown to be one of Batman’s love interests in the 23rd episode. When they found out his new evil plan of resurrecting all dead criminals in the Criminal Cemetery,Robin and Batgirl teamed up with Black Canary to stop him and the League of Shadows. Aquaman’s Awesome Adventure -Robin and Batgirl must help Aquaman in saving Atlantis from the toughest evil-doers of the sea: The Negative Side -Simon Negative,a news reporter,kept reporting on the evil doings of superheroes.

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Robin and Starfire

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