Singles interested in INTP

Singles interested in INTP

The feeling is not always mutual. And as INTPs are so allergic to being led or manipulated they can fall into a trap of thinking that the ENTJ wants to lead them, correct them or prove that they are better somehow when all the ENTJ wants is to show them a better way of doing something. This is why the ENTJ needs to learn to present his suggestions and ideas in a less forceful way, because the INTP always wants to reach a conclusion by himself. To convince an INTP you have to make him come to your conclusion by carefully choosing your words. To convince an ENTJ all you have to do is lay out the facts as fast as possible and he will surrender to a superior way of thinking, if your argument is superior. To summarize the possible pitfalls: But when explicitly told they can be surprisingly understanding. It should be noted that like in every other relationship there are a lot more factors than just personality that come into the equation, so this relationship can work splendidly in one set of circumstances and it can be a disaster in another.

MBTI ® Type: Overview of INTP Personality, The “Thinkers”

They feel the best when their categorizations turn out not only to be logically correct, but are also confirmed in real life. When communicating, INTPs come across as respectful, well thought out, and to the point, but at times may appear a bit remote. They may appear lacking warmness and cordiality. But, with people of equal intelligence they may enter into discussions or debates.

INTP is a personality type within Jungian Cognitive Function theory. If you used an online test of any sort to determine your personality type, it is recommended .

Introversion Someone charged by ideas rather than people. Tends to stay closer to the sides in a social group rather than the loud leader. Doesn’t get as stir crazy if left idle by one’s self for too long. Extroversion Someone charged more by people than ideas. Wants to connect with lots of people, but could suffer to develop relationships and focus too much on groups and parties. Makes friends fast, networks fast, and can make others feel included.

INFJ-INTP The Golden Pair

Since I’ve been in one of these, and was for over 3 years, I can give my theory on why these types fall for each other: In fact, they may be the most strait-forward and truthful of the types One of the potential pitfalls of the relationship never getting off the ground is the INFJ’s tendency to think they can see the motivation behind everyone’s statements and actions

In ‘Another Look at INTP’, CelebrityTypes guest writer Jesse Gerroir offers a page ‘whole type’ perspective on the INTP personality type that circumvents the one-sided descriptions of the INTP type available elsewhere in order to bring new and hitherto undescribed features of the INTP Reviews: 1.

Long-lasting INTP relationships may be tougher to develop initially, but those who are able to stick it out can enjoy affectionate and fulfilling long-term relationships. This Myers-Briggs personality is characterized as being introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. These traits create an individual that is mostly concerned with internal affairs rather than that which goes on around them. For the right individual, an INTP can be a very loving, affectionate, and committed companion.

The dominant features of the personality is the introverted thinker. This analytical personality loves to mull over things and will often wander so deeply into the recesses of their own mind that to an outsider, they may appear disinterested, detached, or even anti-social. They have many depths to their personality, each of which will be revealed if and when they deem an individual worthy.

Being An Intp Woman

When I read those personality types I couldn’t see myself in them. Finally in college when I was getting my Master’s degree, I had the most accurate test yet. I was classified as INTP. Now over a decade later I have a book that tells me what it means. Plus it was like Dr. Drenth was reading my mind.

Feb 02,  · INTP Dating Do’s and Don’ts When dating an INTP it’s important to be open-minded, playful, and intellectually curious. These individuals want a partner who can brainstorm with them, explore new ideas and concepts, and who can appreciate them without smothering them.

They are devoted to accuracy and seek it, often splitting hairs if need be. INTPs abhor a lack of willpower. They also seek out complicated problems to solve. To function at their best INTPs will not fit snugly into a typical structure. They value independence of thought and action. They need their space—to think, to be free from other people—to work in short bursts of energy.

INTP/INTP relationship compatibility

February 26, at 8: When there is 3 or more, we can bounce our emotions and attitudes off of each other and there is usually a neutral party to help understand things. I can do feelings, but not all the time. I hope you develop into a method that works really well for yourself and your partner! As for dealing with stress in a monogamous relationship, I find it…hard.

My mind knows I cannot be violent, as it is counter productive, so I get more stressed out and upset and I end up fuming, unintelligible and I even break into anger tears.

Aug 06,  · I am dating a INTP woman, which I admit is very different for me because she is still not very much into her feelings side, and she has exceptionally logical : Resolved.

I am more than a personality label, although most is true I have been able to grow and get in tune with my emotions. And I think you’re right. It’s especially difficult being an INTP female because you’re always a braniac and want to think about things and life. I’ve always been that way and will always be that way. I’m grateful I’ve found someone who’s close to an INTP enough that I can have deep philosophical and spiritual conversations and it doesn’t feel as if he’s merely impressed with my intellect since he can hold his own on conversations too, which I absolutely love.

It’s true though that he can be an “every man” as well but for some reason that doesn’t bother me much.

INTP/INTP relationship compatibility

That is because they exhibit a wonderful display of three undemanding attributes such as unconditional neutrality, straightforward emotions, and juvenile curiosity. This description while accurate does not tell the whole story because, in reality, these three tendencies tend to balance on a fine line that is mightily close between good and evil. Let us crawl into the mind of the INTP to see what really lies behind their aloof facade. Everything that the INTPs encounter in their life is weighed against unbiased measures and is dealt with as a concept this is true even with human-related issues.

INTP + ENTJ relationships, compatibility Seeing as they are both NTs (rationals) these two personality types have a lot in common. They both highly value knowledge and aptitude, both are inclined to ignore emotions in favor of logical arguments and both have high standards for almost everything.

What could possibly be sweet about INTPs? When you love an INTP, things will not always make sense. But all the seemingly nonsensical moments you spend together will color your perceptions of love and romance, and here is why: We listen to you. No, as in, we really listen. We want your frustrations, we crave your ramblings, and we strive to make sure that we are fully receptive to your feelings, thoughts, and wonders.

Because we lead fascinating lives inside our minds and may often appear very disconnected from reality as a result , it is only logical that you, too, have an equally fascinating universe that cannot wait to be discovered. And guess what, INTPs are curious, determined, and will not stop until we have gained full access to everything that makes you, you. Knowing your type can help you leverage your natural strengths. Take the free test from our partner Personality Hacker.

INTP Articles

I now have a law degree but don’t want to be a lawyer so I really don’t want to sink any more money into something unless I’m really quite sure. I have decided to go for what I feel would be fulfilling over money coupled with a job which is not constantly social. I have a huge interest in human behaviour so I think social research or academia preferably on the research side.

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Challenges in INTP Dating & Relationships. As I discuss at length in my eBook, The INTP, because Extraverted Feeling (Fe) is their inferior function, many of INTPs’ greatest challenges will directly involve their relationships. As I discuss elsewhere, it is common for all types to use various crutches to appease or placate their inferior function.

It helps a lot in understanding this particular ambiguous part of the multicolored gender spectrum; both for those of you who may be androgyne or are in doubt if so and for those of you who simply are curious about the subject and want to understand more. I do not, however, couple being an androgyne to that of being an INTP or vice versa. Personality type and gender are, after all, two different things. The chance that there are other female-born androgyne INTPs out there is pretty slim, I reckon, but if there are and you have found this, I welcome you with open arms.

I guess being androgynous has — from the side of the onlookers — long been connected with an equal amount of intrigue and obscurity and high level of performativity due to its naturally undefinable, ambiguous attitude. But being androgyne has of latest also been recognized as a gender. They can, by principle, be combined in a multitude of ways that make up our identities; who we are as individuals. As such, androgynes do not necessarily want to become a different sex or gender, because we simply do not subscribe to any of them, per se.

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7 Confessions of an INTP Female

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