Tanque Pesado: ARL 44

Tanque Pesado: ARL 44

Since in addition to being very light, the tank was also very short half a meter shorter than the AMX , the driver used a reclined position and the gunner had to have his body halfway inside the hull, making turret traverse limited: The prototype is preserved at the Museum of Armour in Saumur. These prototypes featured a oscillating turret with a cupola for the gunner located along the turret centerline. The turret itself was offset to the left in order to make room for a driver’s compartment in the hull. Interestingly, these weapons were to be reloaded by the driver either by rotating the turret so that the driver could open his hatch and insert new projectiles without leaving his seat, or by having the driver climb out and reload the weapons from a standing position next to the tank. It was also suggested that the rear ends of the mm weapons’ barrels be cut so that the rear sections could be rotated into the turret, allowing the gunner to reload the weapons without opening his hatch. Another version of the tank featuring two mm weapons, each with a five-round revolver-type autoloader , was suggested but not constructed. A prototype featuring a combination of these weapons two SS on the right side of the turret and one SS on the left was built. Archived from the original on June 10, Archived from the original on

Tanque Pesado: ARL 44

Leave a comment When it comes to popularity all tanks are not created equally. For certain other tanks though it is a surprise if you do not see them every match where there are more than just two or three tanks of that tier — and at Tier VI the KV-1S reigns supreme, with only the VK H as a possible equal. This tank is reliably present on nearly any match involving Tier VI tanks.

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January 21, at That thing is worse than the Panther Who would honestly buy that over the P The P88 has a better gun. It would get murdered in tier 10 games. I dont care if its cheap if it does bad in tier 10 games not worth it. Rather get the FCM 50t. Madner Kami on said: In case you missed it, they are about to phase out all MM-limited vehicles for some reason.

Spirit of Taj Mahal on January 21, at IS-6, 50t come to mind first. I think E had that as a secondary reason for removal as well. Madner Kami on January 21, at 4: The thing is, most of those vehicles do have severe drawbacks that give a reason for their limited matchmaking, even though they are very good in their own tier and it needs extraordinary players to make them work well outside their bracket.

The news-leader ( 09/18/2013 )

French tanks tend to be extremely specialized tanks and each should be examined carefully before committing to play it. French tanks vary wildly between the tiers, due to the paradigm changes in historical doctrines around WWII. However, their core philosophy is geared around offensive action. At lower tiers, they accomplish this with trench-assault tanks with great armor, but are as slow as foot infantry and have mediocre anti-tank penetration power.

At higher tiers, they are mobile and armed with great guns; but as very theoretical tanks developed in an era where HEAT made armour less useful, they sacrifice their armor in order to achieve that performance.

War Thunder – ARL 18 December ~ atikabubu The ARL is a post-war heavy tank project, purely intended for French engineers to refresh their knowledge on tank development after the end of the occupation period.

General News Discuss on Forum In other languages: This tank can accurately deliver over 2, damage per minute when fully equipped and can adapt quickly over terrain with eight degrees of gun depression and 17 degrees of elevation. While the FCM’s gun handling helpful, mobility is its true advantage. At 51kph it’s very fast for a heavy tank and can be one of the first vehicles to lock down map choke points and key flanking positions, or run rings around slower heavy and medium tanks.

With Vertical Stabilizers and a well-trained Crew, it’s one of the best tanks for firing on the move, but it’s even better at range. It has a great base view range of m, which can be increased to m with equipment and the right Perks!

A super review of the ARL 44

Updated on November 9, By admin 1 Comment In update, 4. And terrain crossing capacity the American T14 has significantly enhanced firepower with upgraded reload and aiming times and dispersion. Similar changes have been made to the German Dicker max.

The replay is corrupted or you didn’t wait for the end of the battle. Please upload another file.

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This T26E4 prototype was based on a T26E1 vehicle. The old designation can still be seen on the turret. Here seen at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds — Credits:

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ARL 44 Posted By: Part of the difficulty with dealing with an ARL 44 is if you shoot at the frontal lower glacis since it is very small and at a 65 degree angle already. Often times you will be aiming down at an enemy tanks lower glacis and thus increasing the angle and in this case it often reaches auto-bounce levels. The lower glacis beneath it is capable of being damaged by most tanks the ARL 44 sees however as mention earlier you run the risk of auto-bouncing off it since it is very low to the ground and difficult to hit.

It is better to instead aim at the machine gun port on the upper glacis which only has 50mm protecting if you are aiming in this area. There are also hull pieces behind the track armor and 10mm of spaced armor in some sections that you cannot see but are there if it is the only available spot to shoot at. The turret on the ARL 44 is very weak compared to the hull armor aside from the mantlet and a few strips of armor.

The turret also has very large 30mm sections of armor on the sides and the roof which can be overmatched by guns 90mm and up. The green area around the gun only has 75mm protecting it and the smaller rectangle to the left of the mantlet has zero armor protecting it making it a very easy place to penetrate. The remaining yellow areas on the front of the turret range from mm to mm effective armor and the small strip on the roof armor bumps up to mm effective armor.

Otherwise stay away from the frontal turret and gun mantlet area and you will alright penetrating the side armor on the ARL There are hull armor pieces behind the tracks the same way it was on the front, but from this specific view they appear to be very small.

ELC project

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World of Tanks PS4 Matchmaking, Selbstzerstörungen und Vollidioten – World of Spackos in a nutshell. 25 days ago. 44 World of Tanks PS4 T57 Heavy effektiv abbstauben. 3 months ago. World of Tanks PS4 ARL 44 Meisterabzeichen. 8 months ago. World of .

Armored fighting vehicles designed or produced by the nation of France. French tanks tend to be extremely specialized tanks and each should be examined carefully for fit before committing to play it. French tanks vary wildly between the tiers, but are generally geared to some sort of offensive action. At lower tiers, they accomplish this with great armor but have poor speed and are armed with poor guns.

At higher tiers, they are very mobile and armed with great guns, but sacrifice their armor to achieve great performance. Most mid to high tier French tanks have an autoloader with a drum magazine , which allow for several shots in a short period of time.

World of Tanks ARL 44 – The Turd on Tracks

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