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We don’t send regular emails, we send cool emails We’ll send you an email once a week with only the best stuff we put out. The first night he was here we got blackout and had sex. I absolutely wasn’t expecting a relationship out of this bro, he lived like 5 hours away and wasn’t exactly my type but whatever. The next night I got distracted by something else and he had sex with my friend during a party and then expected to go home with me the same night. Obviously, it didn’t happen. I lost interest in continuing the weekend long hookup immediately. Once he left, he kept the lines of communication open read:

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Keep up the great work! Posted on Sat Jul 28 Its set in a Native American reservation. Anyway at one point the two main characters hilariously improvise a song with traditional sounding drumming that goes: John Wayne’s teeth, John Wayne’s teeth Are the fake? Or are they real?

The Sherp dug up some pretty scandalous festival-hookup stories that involve a multitude of drugs, recklessness and bad decisions.

She’s cute, but her character was a total bitch! The soundtrack was definitely the highlight of the movie for me. I bet Nick Drake is glad this guy could carry the torch for him. The Avett Brothers – January Wedding I could have picked any song from their album but this one was the first one I latched onto. Their Halloween show at the Ryman was probably the best show I saw all year. Maybe my expectations were too high. Still a good album, but can’t compare to the other two in my opinion.

Right now, Feeny’s new album is just available on her website, but here’s hoping it makes its way to iTunes and record stores soon. Dave Rawlings Machine – Ruby Gillian who? Glad I gave it a chance! Fanfarlo – Harold T. Ok, so it wasn’t, but they were clearly unprepared.

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Welcome to the New Jersey Riders thread! We even had two premieres! Transgression and Push Process. The live blog addition to wakeboardnj. Simply take wakeboarding pictures of you and your crew with your cell phone and then text message them to wakeboardnj. Then once you’re back home go to http:

Sharon Jones performs at Bonnaroo in June (Dave Martin / AP) To hear more feature stories, Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a.

February 13, One of the best debut records ever released. They were Springsteen one state over with Westerberg riding shotgun. When I first listened to this record I was blown away in a way that few records have done. It was hunger, freedom, debauchery, youth and abandon with so many damn instruments, howls, Phillies announcers and hand claps that it should’ve blown the face off of rock n’ roll.

On the fifth day, At five o’clock in the dawn, I rolled myself in a t-o-p, And jumped down highway 1, With a engine hot as a cremation coffin, And a tailgate bangin’ like an airplane wing, I was rollin’ down the highway, doin’ it my way, Whistlin’ “Someday” and singin’ this song I spent many-a-weekend in the late 90’s hopping on the turnpike and heading from New York to Philly to see this band. I often wouldn’t know where I’d lay my head or when I’d be back, but the need to see these guys was almost beyond my control.

I’d cancel a date, leave work early and drive way beyond the speed limit to get there on time. I saw them all over Philadelphia and hours outside the city. At a Halloween show at the Pontiac they pulled me onstage to smoke, drink and harmonize on a terrible Skynyrd song. I recall saying to friends that seeing Marah was like seeing the Stones during the Exile days, but maybe better. They were that good. Shows were fueled by booze, smokes and a pure rock n’ roll energy that left me drenched in sweat and beer as the shows let out well past last call.

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Amanda Marcotte Amanda Marcotte is writer for Salon. These stories, in mainstream American media, tend to fall into certain categories. There are the ones about when women should get married. And then there are the ones about hookup culture. It does not move.

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Not the same old North Country Fair The “Same Old People” who’d run the fair more or less since the start were gone, replaced by new management in the person of Washington Vera, a local concert promoter with a less-than-stellar reputation among those in the local live music scene — a reputation for cutting corners and promising things he doesn’t deliver. Now they’re back at it – and dropped out of college to pursue the rock ‘n’ roll dream.

So they mean it! And have the sound to back it up. Swaddled tight in the electrified buckskin of their classic rock-n-roll forefathers, our five Washington braves set out to blanket America in a hot winter blizzard. Don’t be fooled by the silk strands tucked behind their ears: The Lonely H spent their graduation summer [ ] touring coast-to-coast in support of their new record and got a glimmer of the mission they were born to undertake.

Tour is a magical place where every stage, no matter how high, is a new opportunity to deliver the goods. Armed with melodies that sound like letters to Penthouse etched on colored vinyl, the band lifted, lightened, and gave rise to every technical challenge. So, from Memphis to Manhattan went pockets full of picks, licks, pianos, and the living-loving swagger that has happily intoxicated the Pacific Northwest the last few years. Thanks to these starlit marauders, Port Angeles can sometimes sound like the good parts of ‘s Los Angeles depending what Saturday night they’re home.

Idling the van for a wise fall quarter at the University Of Washington, the H cracked books and fantasized with giddy relief about their soon-to-be-months out on the road in


RatDog Guitarist Mark Karan: In fact, it now seems like the perfect time to get to know this remarkable guy a little bit better. Talk about a tough assignment: Mark in the living room of his Marin County home, June

Jul 19,  · I went to a show of his a few years ago on a college campus, he seemed like a genuinely humble guy. It was kind of obvious that he was heavy on drugs and he even mentioned it himself.

Sources Jules Jorden video forum Written by Strange creature: There is a difference between prostitution and porn. One is illegal and one is part of the entertainment industry. These guys in particularly all Naughty America flip-flop gay performers are the biggest-risk to the industry. Let Phoenix play Russian roulette sleeping with Christian XXX every night, you do not want that contaminating the talent pool.

You work everyday, and your gay flip flopping guys contaminating the talent pool, is going to be the next Marc Wallice. They put ideas into girls heads not to do IR. Written by Jade at the xxxworldofporn. Do you ever hear former prostitutes, complaining of losing boyfriends and jobs because someone somewhere someone saw them receiving sex for money?

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The entire hotel will be set aside for the multi-day spectacular. A quiet wing of the hotel will also be available for guests who wish to relax in a quiet atmosphere. If you can only go to one festival this year, we hope your choice will be Bluegrass First Class. We have 1-Day passes and 2-Day passes available while they last. All 2-Day ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase limited reserved seats limited quantities available.

As always, there will still be many great non-reserved seats available as well.

For years, cannabis consumers have been portrayed as lazy stoners in the eyes of mainstream America. Meanwhile, activists have been working hard to legalize, destigmatize and normalize its use.

Something that many survivors worry about. We Should Have A Podcast. Two young women, Corey Podell and Courtney Pauroso, use their podcast to discuss how Courtney was raped by her boyfriend who then went on to sexually assault another woman. When the other woman revealed the assault, Courtney felt moved to reveal the assault, which she had kept secret, on their podcast.

If you have wondered why it is difficult for a woman to reveal a sexual assault, if you are wondering whether your feelings and thoughts are crazy after you have been sexually assaulted, this is a powerful story. Courtney is real and vulnerable and terrified and angry and confused.

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I’m thanking my former self for having the foresight fifteen months ago to put attending the Kentucky Derby on my Operation 30 list. I’m just getting back from a terrific weekend spent in Louisville, Kentucky where some friends and I maximized our Kentucky Oaks and Derby experience. It was a-ma-zing and the perfect culmination to my Operation 30 journey! Go to the Kentucky Derby – check! I’ll start with the most important piece of Derby preparation – the hat.

Workaholics: Seasons 1 and 2 arrives on Blu-ray with a glossy, rather flat, but crisp and often well-defined high definition transfer that retains the show’s original aspect ratio. To be Author: Martin Liebman.

But ROTR isn’t the only hard rock and metal festival going down in Here’s some of the awesome shit I found. One intriguing rumor has been suggested by Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer stating in a recent interview that Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Obituary are considering a “Brutal Big 5” tour. How badass would that be? But that’s in the wind — here’s my picks for festivals that are confirmed, locked, and loaded. Rock On The Range When: Jan Feb 1 Where: With the motto “Four days, 40 bands, one cruise ship, only tickets,” how could you go wrong?

Performances from Lacuna Coil, Flotsam and Jetsam, 30 Inches of Blood, In Flames, and many more accompany open mic nights, clinics, metal karaoke, and bars that never close.

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Home “You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy! Its the most rewarding feeling! I really love every phase! Kanye West has revealed he first proposed to Kim Kardashian seven years ago. The ‘Clique’ hitmaker, who previously admitted he fell in love with the reality TV star long before they started dating in , has suggested he originally asked his now-wife to marry him while she was still in a serious relationship with NFL star Reggie Bush and he was engaged to his former fiancee Alexis Phifer.

Infradig: Ecstatic Everywhere By William R. Waag Their music is marked by a psychedelic blend of intense fusion-rock jams that are manipulated in a variety of forms through cyclic rhythmic and.

December 1, I work a stressful job and sometimes like to rant to my roommate about it. Not all the time—maybe a few times monthly. But my roommate has an insufferable tendency to counteract every single thing I say, which I find very upsetting. She really set me off tonight. If I say I’m frustrated because a rude person came to a meeting and talked down to my co-worker, she will try to play devil’s advocate and explain the rude person’s perspective, feeling no sympathy for my co-worker.

If I say blackface is offensive, she will try to play devil’s advocate and will ask me why it is not offensive if someone dresses up as a cheerleader hint: If I say that it’s a bad idea for my friend to hook up with his grad school classmate, she’ll try to play devil’s advocate and argue that a lot of people date people that they meet in grad school.

The list goes on and on. She just refuses to ever agree with me. She thinks she’s so wise and clever for always being able to see the other side of things, but the sad fact is that she doesn’t know when to actually form an opinion—she just always picks the other opinion.

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